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Better oral health–anytime, anywhere. SWISH is the only breath freshener clinically shown to fight cavities and gingivitis. 

Our advanced all-natural powder formula works with our mouth’s natural chemistry to shift it from damaging acidic to healthy pH neutral. This stops bacteria that cause bad breath, dental decay and gum disease. It reduces cavities by up to 80% and significantly improves gum health. See results in just 4 weeks. SWISH does more:

Freshens breath. Instantly stops bad breath at the source in just 10 seconds, without chemicals or artificial sweeteners. Enjoy fresh breath for an hour or more.

Whitens teeth. Prevents dulling stains from settling on teeth. Reduces sensitivity and remineralizes teeth. A great on-the-go addition to any whitening system for longer lasting results. 

Improves skin & joint health. Encourages greater skin elasticity and better joint health by naturally increasing collagen production.

Strengthens immunity. Transforms into the prebiotic Galacto-oligosaccharides once consumedEncourages health-promoting probiotics to boost immunity.

Relieves dry mouth. Stops dry mouth fast by stimulating saliva. Keeps our mouth fresh and moist for an hour or more.

All that goodness in just 10 seconds? Yup! That's why The Doctors TV Show voted us BUZZWORTHY. Toss some sticks in your purse, pocket or backpack for a quick freshen-up and health boost. Use 3x daily for best results.

Sugar-free, zero calories. Ingredients: 100% non-GMO xylitol, sodium bicarbonate, hydrated silica, citric acid, natural flavors.

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