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How does SWISH stop bad breath? SWISH works with our mouth’s natural chemistry to shift it from damaging acidic to healthy pH neutral. That means acid-causing bacteria like Streptococcus Mutans & P. Gingivalis are neutralized. No bad bacteria, no bad breath. Your breath stays fresh and clean for an hour or more.

How does SWISH improve oral health? We use 3 natural antibacterial ingredients, responsibly sourced 100% non-GMO plant xylitol, sodium bicarbonate and hydrated silica, clinically shown to improve oral health. Each time you SWISH, they form an invisible barrier that protects teeth and gums.  With continued use, more healthy bacteria are established in your mouth which stops dental decay and gingivitis. Use 3x daily for best results.  

How does SWISH whiten my teeth? Two ways. First, the hydrated silica in SWISH stops daily dulling stains (think coffee, red wine) from settling on teeth. Second, it helps remineralize teeth so your smile looks brighter.

How does SWISH help skin elasticity? Both the plant xylitol and hydrated silica in SWIISH have been shown to naturally increase collagen production. This helps skin look younger, makes hair stronger, improves joint heath. All the good stuff. 

What about SWISH and immune health? Once consumed, SWISH transforms into Galacto-oligosaccharides. This prebiotic encourages immune-strengthening probiotics like Lactobacillus and Bifidobacteria in our gut microbiome.

I already use gum and mints. Why switch it up? They only temporarily mask the problem and often contain harsh chemicals and artificial sweeteners. SWISH stops bad breath by neutralizing odor-causing bacteria. Results can last an hour or more

What is plant xylitol? It’s a natural sweetener often called ‘birch sugar’. It tastes just like sugar but is low calorie and healthy for teeth. The American Dental Association encourages consumption as part of its Caries Management by Risk Assessment protocol.

When should I SWISH? Anytime. It’s great for moments you want to feel your best (like before a meeting or a date), and it’s an effective addition to your daily oral wellness routine.

Should my kids SWISH? Definitely! Research has shown that daily consumption of plant xylitol drastically reduces cavities and gum disease in both young children and teenagers. It’s an easy and effective way to reset their oral pH balance. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry supports the use of plant xylitol.

I wear braces. Okay to SWISH? You bet! In fact, SWISH is a great way to help keep your mouth fresh and clean. For traditional appliances, it helps get rid of the bacteria trapped in the brackets and wires. If you wear invisible aligners, use SWISH after eating and before you put your trays back in. Even better, you don’t need to remove the trays when you want a quick fresh breath fix.

I eat healthy and workout. Do I need SWISH? Even healthy ingredients like fruit or whole grains can contribute to dental decay. Your mouth doesn’t distinguish between healthy or unhealthy carbs, it just sees them as an energy source for harmful bacteria. SWISH neutralizes this problem. SWISHing after a workout is a really healthy habit. A good sweat can mean a dry mouth. That kicks acid-causing bacteria into overdrive. A quick 10 second SWISH your mouth feels refeshed.

What's your return policy? We want you to be 100% happy with your SWISH purchase. If you decide it's not for you, just return it within 15 days of receipt and a refund will be issued.

Is SWISH safe for pets? Definitely no. SWISH contains plant xylitol, which is great for humans but can be toxic for animals. Please keep all plant xylitol products out of reach.