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Our Story


Imagine having not just fresh breath, but super clean breath. What if we could improve our oral health anytime anywhere? What about getting a brighter smile, younger looking skin and improved immune health at the same time? Could we get all these benefits naturally?

We created SWISH because we believe enjoying fresh breath and taking care of our health inside and out should be as easy as chewing gum or popping a mint. 

It took over five years to develop a formula that works. SWISH puts the brakes on Streptococcus Mutans & P. Gingivalis - the aggressive, acid-causing bacteria that lead to bad breath, cavities and gingivitis. It also brightens teeth by stopping daily dulling stains from settling on teeth. Once swallowed, SWISH helps increase collagen production for firmer skin and better joint health. And it delivers a healthy dose of prebiotics to keep our immune system strong.

All this in 10 seconds, 3x daily.  No water or toothbrush needed. 

Simple. Convenient. Awesome.