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Treat & Prevent Tonsil Stones

How to get rid of tonsil stones, throat stones or mouth stones. How to remove tonsil stones and prevent tonsil stones from coming back.

Whether you frequently get tonsil stones or are dealing with the first one, you want it (and the bad breath) gone now. SWISH can help.

Our all-natural formula is a fast and effective treatment for tonsil stones and bad breath. And It takes just 10 seconds.

Tonsil stones (sometimes called mouth stones or throat stones) are calcified bacteria similar to the dental plaque that cause cavities and gingivitis. SWISH neutralizes these bacteria to get rid of tonsil stones and stop bad breath. SWISHing daily prevents these problems from coming back.

SWISH is 100% portable.  Treat tonsil stones and stop bad breath anytime, anywhere–no measuring or messy sinks. Just pour, swish for 10 seconds and swallow. That's it!

Plus, SWISH reduces cavities by up to 80% of cavities, fights plaque and gingivitis, whitens teeth, boosts collagen production, and supports immune health. All-natural, non-GMO, gluten-free, vegan and keto friendly.

Voted Buzzworthy on The Doctors TV Show.